Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The First Few Days...

In preparation for our wedding, I moved into "The Village" this past Saturday.  We began meeting with our Pastor a few weeks ago.  Since we want to get married at this church, we are required to live apart prior to getting married.  Fortunately, E and I both agree this is the right thing to do and is something that is long overdue.  So, we decided that due to my commute, the best option was for me to move close to the hospital that I work at.  I'm pretty lucky to work for a company that owns retirement housing and happened to have a room available for me to rent.

It is kind of sad to move apart and somewhat lonely living on my own again, but knowing what the ultimate goal is makes the transition a lot easier. 

It's been interesting so far.  Here's a summary of the excitement to date:

The Good

  • There are three domestic ducks and two gorgeous swans in the pond in front of the apartment
  • I met my next door neighbor on Monday-Ms. M.F. seems awfully sweet and quite inquisitive
  • Utilities are included-this means I've set the central air to 68 degrees
  • The pond has a nice path around it so i've actually started running again (ok ok, I walk a lap and then jog a lap and repeat the process a few times)
  • I brought my rollerblades and hope to take a few trips to the bike path.  Of course, I'll drive there, skate a bit, and then drive back.
  • I have a patio tomato plant that is thriving on my small patio
  • My commute to work takes four whole minutes.  My previous commute was one hour and fifteen minutes!
  • We are doing what is pleasing to God, in regards to not living together prior to marriage, and I no longer feel guilty
The Bad
  • I miss E
  • I miss Callie (yellow lab), Turtle (Tortoiseshell cat), and Maize (cat #2)
  • My neighbor Ms. M.F. is rather inquisitive
The Ugly/Odd
  • I went for my jog/walk on Tuesday and listened to some sweet woman pushing a walker yelling at the Swans: "oh quack, quack, quack, how are you? quack, quack!, quack!"
  • I am currently sleeping in a twin bed.  Monday morning I rolled over.  Apparently, I forgot about how small the bed is and fell right out of it.  I knocked over a picture of E and I in the process, but fortunately (since the mattress & box spring are right on the ground) I have no physical damage.  I always wondered how someone could be so out of it that they'd fall out of bed.
I'm adjusting and really looking forward to the day when we become husband and wife.

Great News Of The Day:
I'm going to be an Aunt again and this time i'll be blessed with a little niece!!!


  1. WOW--you ROCK, Lady! I can't wait to read your book about this experience! I'm going to laugh all day about M.F. and her "very inquisitive"ness--though I'm sorry you have a neighbor who probably has nothing better to do than to find out about YOUR life. But the commute! and the ducks! Okay, S would think that was really cool. :) HUGS from your biggest fans in MN!

  2. My Fav:
    We are doing what is pleasing to God, in regards to not living together prior to marriage, and I no longer feel guilty