Thursday, July 28, 2011

Its the simple things

My fiance and I went to meet with our photographer last night.  Horray!, we have a photographer booked that I love!  We went with  Not only are they fabulous and have two photographers there the whole time, but they know our Pastor.  Actually, Pastor Strawn suggested this photographer to us as she's done confirmation photos.  She had the cutest siamese cat in the shop. It sure did make me miss our cats...
After meeting with the photographers and discussing our Wisconsin "accent" (which, by the way, we don't have the accent-everyone else does) we hit up Subway for dinner.  This is becoming quite a ritual since it's about the only place open in town after we finish meeting with the Pastor.  I don't like Subway, but I'm growing tolerant of it. 
We went our seperate ways around 9:30 and I made the trek home without hitting a deer, antelope or elk. I've heard several stories about people seeing elk standing in the middle of the road on the route I take.  When I got home I pulled into one of the parking spaces and realized just how good I have it.  It seems pretty simple, but I recall apartment complexes in Milwaukee and the small spaces that were always all filled.  I haven't had a parking issue at the Village yet.  In addition, the spots are pretty large (I'm assuming they are made like handicapped spaces).
Tonight we head back to Bridgeport again to meet with Pastor Strawn...

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