Monday, August 29, 2011

My Clean Apartment

I entered my apartment and stepped over the assorted projects that I'm working on for the wedding.  I walked into the bathroom and something seemed odd.  I noticed the garbage in the bathroom was empty.  (Heaven knows I wasn't the one who did THAT.)  I went in the kitchen and my dishes were washed and neatly arranged on the counter.  I walked into my bedroom and the bed was made.  My bathroom counter was cleaned and my items were all placed orderly on the counter. 

I'm not sure who the culprit was, but I'm hoping they head to Ed's house next.  I'm guessing that the cleaning people at the senior center somehow put me on their "assisted" living list.  I'm happy my place is semi-clean now, but I'm still a little uncomfortable that someone was in my place.

Let the countdown begin...less than twenty days till my escape...


  1. Oh, too funny. Yup, you got the assisted living cleaning person. Maybe you could send her here!?

    Prison bars......crackes me up!

  2. Awesome! Send those little elves over here. Our little elves tend to MAKE messes instead of clean them up. :)