Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Speaking of hair salon parking spaces...
I recently took the plunge and had my hair cut for the first time in Nebraska...rural Nebraska that is.
The woman didn't even wash my hair.  She just kept rubbing something on it and then took about 15 minutes to cut it. 

On a positive note, the cut only cost around $20, but I miss my hair salon back home.  It's the kind of place where they wash your hair, massage your neck, spend an hour or so cutting and styling your hair and have you feeling like a princess on your way out.  Maybe farmers don't have time for this whole hair washing ordeal...?

I'm a little leery about having her do my hair for the wedding.  I put a deposit down to hold the date, but I'm not sure I should do it.  Tonight, I'm going to TLC.  The place is a nursery and I'm hoping to get some cheap annuals to help decorate the reception site.  However, I think I may just stop into the spa they have there and make an appointment for a trial bridal style.  Yup..they have a spa, landscaping, and nursery business.  Not to get off topic too much, but this town has another place that cracks me up every time.  The place is called Paradise.  It consists of:
  • restaurant
  • screen printing shop
  • car wash
  • doggie wash
  • martini bar
  • tanning salon
It's too bad they don't do hair...


  1. You will be beautiful no matter who does your hair!!

  2. Ditto Linfield Lady! But I'd totally vote for the martini bar if they did hair.